Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics sets out the fundamentals of governance of the COGECO Group. It states and explains the principles that govern the actions of our employees and our officers, contributing to improving our operations and maintaining our reputation and to the image of a company that is well managed and in good financial health. It is also a tool to assist in improving the Group’s business practices according to governance requirements and current company policies.

Adopted in 2003, COGECO Group's Code of Ethics sets forth the principles that should guide the actions of all individuals who are part of COGECO Group or who contribute to its activities, its development and its reputation. It is based on the principle of respect and on the fundamental values of the Group: hard work, accountability and integrity.

All COGECO Group have read, accepted and signed the Company Code of Ethics.

Download the COGECO Group Code of Ethics and the supplement to the COGECO Group Code of Ethics.