Board Committees

Audit Committee

President: Pierre L. Comtois
Members: Elisabetta Bigsby
Claude A. Garcia
Jan Peeters (Observer)

The Audit Committee was established by the Board of Directors to oversee accounting and disclosure controls and procedures and internal control over financial reporting, to review the financial statements and other financial information of Cogeco Cable, and to supervise the selection of external auditors and the audit process.

Human Resources Committee

President: Elisabetta Bigsby
Members: Paule Doré
Claude A. Garcia
Jan Peeters (Observer)

The Human Resources Committee serves as the compensation and human resources committee and the nominating committee. It focuses particularly on issues related to total compensation of senior managers and officers, pension plans and the nomination of senior managers and officers.

Corporate Governance Committee

President: Paule Doré
Members: Pierre L. Comtois
David McAusland
Jan Peeters (Observer)

The Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for corporate governance practices for the Corporation as a whole. In this regard, it is also responsible for all issues related to recruitment, the assessment of corporate directors, the assessment of the effectiveness of Board Committees and the application of the corporate Code of Ethics.

Strategic Opportunities Committee

President: David McAusland
Members: Louis Audet
Normand Legault
Claude A. Garcia
Jan Peeters (Observer)

The Strategic Directions Committee provides a framework for management to present ideas or plans for strategic directions or key planned acquisitions and obtain the Committee’s opinion during the development of recommendations for submission to the Board. The Committee may also, at its own discretion, study and assess strategic directions and present its suggestions to management.